Jennifer Mien Mien Lin is an internationally exhibited photographer residing in New York City. 

As Susan Sontag so beautifully expressed, “All photographs are Memento Mori.   To take a photograph is to participate in another person’s mortality, vulnerability and mutability.” As a photographer, this is my raison d’Être and a calling to have the privilege of diving into what makes us human, what it means to be a woman in this world.   This resonates with me on a cellular level because it creates a sense of urgency, I have always used my camera to dive into humanity and lift the veil of this reality.

Lin has been a photographing women for my entire professional life as an artist. It is something that I am deeply fascinated by because women symbolically represent the essence of life.

As a young adult, education became the key to understanding both her own development as a unique individual; a female, Asian immigrant in North America. She became increasingly aware of the devastating negative consequences that sexist, repressive societies can have on girls.

Born in Taipei and spent her childhood and adolescence in a traditional Taiwanese family. Taiwanese cultural values follow the Confucian preference for sons, particularly of the first-born. As the youngest, and female, child in the family, she was marginalized. It was not until her attendance at university that she was able to escape this glaring gender inequality.

Her photography focused on the Female Archetypes. Her photographs reveals an aesthetic fascination with the navigation of the female body through natural environments and the visual relationships that are forged between space and body. ere completely.

As an artist of multiple nationalities, Lin taps into her own pluralism, using it to strengthen her position as an “émigré flâneur”, a watcher who observes the accelerated world with discernment and empathy.

She is also currently an Artist Ambassador for peace with the Keep the World Foundation based in Frankfurt, Germany.

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